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We’re keeping a close eye on who’s running in November 2012 for Supervisor in the City’s odd districts, Board of Education, and Community College Board. We’ve got a running list of declared candidates, and because you know how we do things at Suspects, we’ve also got a list of rumored candidates for your viewing pleasure (and gossip fix). If you hear a name churning through the rumor mill or know someone who’s running – or thinking about running – who isn’t already on our list, please send the deets our way to herson@barcoast.com. (And please – if you’ve got a link to a candidate’s website, send it over!)

Enjoy, and if you see anything we are missing, please let us know!

November 6, 2012 Election

Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors – District 1 (Incumbent: Eric Mar)
Declared: Eric Mar, David Lee, Sherman D’Silva
Rumored: Rodney Fong
District 1 Race News: Ex 032912, Weekly 051612, Ex 080112, Ex 080212, Chron 080212, Ex 090412, Ex 092412, BAR 092712, Chron 100512, Chron 100812, Appeal 100912

Board of Supervisors – District 3 (Incumbent: David Chiu)
Declared: David Chiu, Wilma Pang, Joseph Butler, Marc Bruno
Rumored: Aaron Peskin, Rose Pak
District 3 Race News: Ex 032912, Ex 080112, Ex 080212, Chron 080212

Board of Supervisors – District 5 (Incumbent: Christina Olague)
Declared: Christina Olague, Andrew Resignato, John Rizzo, Thea Selby, London Breed, Julian Davis, Daniel Everett, Gil “Sonny” Francis, Hope Johnson, Daniel Landry
Rumored: Greg Dewar, Quintin Mecke, Rob Anderson
District 5 Race News:
Chron 022712, Ex 032912, BAR 041212, Ex 080112, Ex 080212, BAR 080212, Chron 080212, Chron 080612, Chron 081212, BAR 081612, BAR 081612, BAR 082312, BAR 082312, Chron 082712, SF Mag 091912, Ex 092112, Ex 092512, BAR 092712, Chron 092812, Ex 100112, Chron 100812, Chron 101412, Ex 101612, Chron 101612, Chron 101612, Weekly 101712, Chron 101712, SFBG 101712

Board of Supervisors – District 7
Declared: Andrew Bley, F.X. Crowley, Joel Engardio, Michael Garcia, Norman Yee, Glenn Rogers, Lynn Gavin, Robert Squeri, Julian Lagos
Rumored: Ken Garcia, Alexander Mondares
District 7 Race News: BAR 030112, Ex 032912, Ex 080112, Ex 080212, BAR 080212, Chron 080212, Chron 080612, BAR 081612, Ex 091212, Appeal 091312, Ex 100212, Weekly 100412, Chron 100712

Board of Supervisors – District 9 (Incumbent: David Campos)
Declared: David Campos
Rumored: Benjamin Castaneda, Tommy Gallegos
District 9 Race News: Ex 032912, Ex 080112, Ex 080212, BAR 080212, Chron 080212, Chron 080612, BAR 081612, BAR 081612

Board of Supervisors – District 11 (Incumbent: John Avalos)
Declared: John Avalos
District 11 Race News: Ex 032912, Appeal 071312, Appeal 072612, Chron 072712, Ex 080112, Ex 080212, Chron 080212

Board of Education
Declared: Sandra Lee Fewer (Incumbent), Rachel Norton (Incumbent), Jill Wynns (Incumbent), Dean Clark, Matt Haney, Beverly Popek, Gladys Soto, Shamann Walton, Sam Rodriguez, Chris Miller, Victoria Lo, Rick Hauptman, Kim Garcia-Meza
Board of Ed Race News: Ex 081612, BAR 081612

Community College Board
Declared: Natalie Berg (Incumbent), Chris Jackson (Incumbent), Steve Ngo (Incumbent), Rodrigo Santos (Incumbent), Amy Bacharach, Hanna Leung, Rafael Mandelman, Jerel Banks, Nathan Cruz, George Vazhappally, William Walker
Community College Race News: BAR 080912, Ex 081612, BAR 081612, Chron 082212, Ex 082212, BAR 082312