Posting Policy

Sometimes people ask us why we did or didn’t link to things that are out there. Below we attempt to address those questions and give you a glimpse into the strange and complicated Suspects world.

Why Didn’t This Story Show Up?

We generally link to stories from media sources with editorial processes – whether they’re media giants like the NY Times or tiny like The Ingleside Light. We don’t link to stories in blogs, podcasts, forums, or media sources that do not have an identifiable editorial process. Sometimes we may link to political gossip, but not pure opinion and slander. Op eds are rarely posted, appearing only if written by an elected official. Sometimes we have to make a judgment call and there will be people who do not agree with us. And then, in the vast world of the internet, we occasionally, sometimes miss something. If you think we missed a story that should be on Suspects, please email us about it!  

Why Won’t You Run My Meeting Announcement?

Suspects has not previously linked to events, except for the occasion link to election analyses and forums or days of action. Historically there have also been some great political calendars online. Unfortunately with Linda Post’s retirement in January of 2017, we have felt a void, so Suspects is now exploring the idea of including a calendar. We are yet not sure what form that will take and if you know of other great event compendiums, please send them our way!

How Do You Decide The Order Of Your Stories?

We place stories on the page based on how important we think they are in relation to each other – upper left is considered pretty important, and bottom of page is less so. If you disagree, you can absolutely email us and tell us that the story second from the right on the bottom of the page should have been third from the left on the top row, because it’s clearly more important than the last story on the right-hand side of the page, and you might even be right. We might even consider moving the stories around as you suggest because this is obviously the most important thing in the world and we don’t have anything better to do. Like jobs. Or lunch. Or a nap.

It’s A Conspiracy, You’re Purposefully Keeping Out Stories and Writers!

The folks who update Suspects are volunteers who take our turns waking up early and finding stories that need linking. We try to keep our personal politics out of it so that we can bring you a valuable product. Some people may not agree with our posting policies, and we will just have to disagree. We do our best to abide by a set of rules we think are fair, and, in the world of San Francisco politics, someone is always not going to be happy. We will try our best, but if that’s still not good enough, maybe you need to just check this out.

Thanks for reading.

Jen Longley, Nicole Yelich, and Kelly Groth

Co-Executive Editors