United Democratic Club
1605 Castro St. #6
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (415) 335-9585

Our Editors

Laura Foote Clark
Laura has lived in Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago and has finally found a home in San Francisco, and can confirm that SF is the best of all. She is a San Francisco community activist, with a focus on the housing crisis in the City. Laura enjoys making fancy preserves, pickling, staying out ’til 4am in the Castro, standing in line for brunch, sarcastic tweeting, and being basic in Dolores Park.

Justin Jones
A Bay Area native, Justin has called Baghdad by the Bay home for the past 6 years and is the Founder and current President of the RFK Club. When not politicking, you can find him #adulting in Noe Valley with his wife Sarah. He’s a huge local history nerd who leads free walking tours of the Ferry Building in addition to being a board member of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society.  

Derek Lee
A 5th generation San Franciscan born and raised in North Beach, Derek was pieced together from random pieces of sourdough bread, pine cable car brakes, and a sheet of pizza focaccia that were shocked by an overhead Muni wire for good measure. He likes martial arts, board games, and the violin, though preferably not at the same time.

Nima Rahimi
Nima is a first generation Iranian-American born and raised in the Bay Area. He has a soft heart and a big laugh. They say he’s a lawyer but the jury’s still out on that one. Politics is his lifeblood. If he could leave the world with one thought, it would be: Find a way to do some good before your time is up.  

Derek Remski
Derek got his first taste of politics a long time ago in a land far, far away when canvassing to protect women’s reproductive rights with CARAL. He moved to San Francisco in 1990 and has called the Western Addition home for 23 years. Over the years, he has worn many hats including firebreather, nightclub impresario, rug importer, historian, and organizer.

Corey Smith
Corey was born and raised in the East Bay and after years of trying to find the best West Coast city to live, he moved to San Francisco in 2013. A former basketball coach and data junkie, Corey decided that a life in politics would fulfill that burning need to be simultaneously enthusiastic and depressed about everything, always.