Latterman and DeLeon Analysis
 Richard DeLeon
Professor Richard DeLeon, acclaimed San Francisco State professor of political science, oft-quoted San Francisco political analyst, and long-time San Francisco political observer, has created a number of metrics during his research on the elections and politics of our city. Using these tools and his analysis, we can analyze several recent elections – and perhaps predict future actions that may transpire in and around San Francisco’s City Hall. You can read more about the Professor by clicking here.

David Latterman has over a decade of experience analyzing quantitative and graphical data. Having worked in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, Latterman has done technical and analytical research on such varied topics as public utility practices, counter-terrorism resource allocation, and hydrogeology. Latterman has also worked as a research analyst for a local public policy think tank, focusing on both economic and health policy issues, and as a quantitative analyst for the City. He is the President of Fall Line Analytics.


Richard and David are both very kind to have shared this cornucopia of information with us. Enjoy.

[Please note that DeLeon's studies dated before the November 2002 Election Analysis, and both analysts' studies dated before November 2012 analyses use outdated district lines.]

Professor Richard DeLeon
Latterman’s Primary Election Analysis -June 2008
Latterman’s Primary Election Voter Turnout Map
– June 2008
Latterman’s February election analysis – February 2008
Latterman’s November election analysis - November 2007
Latterman’s California Political Precinct Index – June 2007
Latterman’s Supervisorial race analysis – December 2006
Latterman’s November propositions analysis - November 2006
Latterman and DeLeon revise the PVI – September 2006
Latterman studies changes in San Francisco – September 2006
Latterman’s look at the June ’06 election – June 28, 2006
Latterman’s look at Prop H – the Gun Ban – Jan 06
Latterman’s look at 2005 Assessor-Recorder Race – Nov 05
Discriminant Analysis for multi-candidate races – Jun 05
Propositions A, J and K – Jan 05
Propositions A, F, J, K, and N - Dec 04
RCV Analysis – Nov 04
Latterman’s Voting Trends – Oct 04
Latterman’s Demographic Dataset – Jul 04
Latterman’s Demographic Analysis – Jul 04
Latterman’s Chock-Full-Of-Data Spreadsheet – Jul 04
Latterman’s Look at March 2004 Election
Latterman Nov to Dec 2003 Vote Analysis
Voting Trends: Nov 2003 Mayoral Election Maps
2003 Runoff Scenarios
2003 General Election Maps