November 2014 Election Contest

Entry deadline: Friday, October 24, at 5pm.

Entry cost: Zero. (But we’d feel great if you liked the Usual Suspects or Barbary Coast Consulting Facebook pages. If you wanna.)

Please copy and paste what's below.

Your name:
Proposition A (transportation bond) yes %:
Proposition E (sugar tax) yes %:
Proposition J (minimum wage) yes %:
Proposition K (affordable housing) yes %:
Assembly: Campos %:
Assembly: Chiu %:
Tiebreaker, if necessary: San Francisco citywide turnout %:

First prize is a $350 gift card for Old Skool Cafe (feed your tummy and your soul), and bragging rights about being better at predicting elections than everyone else except Nate Silver. Second prize is a $150 gift card at Old Skool. Third prize is a Transporter Private Cloud.

Email your predictions to Your individual entries will be held in the strictest confidence. We’ve been running this contest for years, and no individual information has ever leaked, except when we disclose the name of the of our winners.