Your daily \'Rona roundup
by Nicole Yelich
Jul 14, 2020

Yesterday, Mayor Breed announced that San Francisco’s further reopening plans are postponed until the spike in cases decreases as Governor Newsom ordered the closure a myriad of indoor businesses, as some counties have moved aggressively to reopen, leading to a surge in COVID-19 cases statewide.

A UCSF study found that 33% of men and women aged 18-25 are particularly vulnerable to complications caused by the virus, with those who smoke or vape are at 100% risk of developing a severe case.

The City has identified pop-up wards to care for nearly 500 COVID patients should the city experience a surge that surpasses hospitals' capacities.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s program to deliver free meals to seniors who are sheltering in place has been extended to August 9th.

SF libraries will soon be opening to lend books for curbside pickup, while beloved Louis’ diner overlooking Sutro Baths is permanently closing due to the economic impacts of COVID-19.