New SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin fires multiple prosecutors
by Peter Zerzan
Jan 11, 2020

After being sworn in on Wednesday, new District Attorney Chesa Boudin fired 6 prosecutors on Friday. While it reminded many of when then-newly elected District Attorney Terence Hallinan fired 14 prosecutors after being sworn in, unlike Hallinan who wrote 3 paragraph letters to those who were fired, Boudin fired his attorneys in person or over the phone if they had left the office for the day.

Prosecutors are at-will employees and are not protected by civil service contracts. However, some are considering suing their former employer. While some of the firings were expected, as Boudin ran on a platform of ending charging people for being in a gang, others took observers by surprise, as several of the attorneys were focused on prosecuting violent crimes, something Boudin said would be the priority of the department.