Newsom may back Weiner’s new housing bill next year as San Francisco’s housing crisis continues
by Peter Zerzan
Oct 19, 2019

Over 28,000 people left San Francisco in the second quarter of 2019, more than double the rate in 2017. San Francisco is second only to New York City for the number of residents leaving and is ahead of Los Angeles and Chicago, despite those cities having far more residents. Many fear the increase in housing costs will scare away companies, who will move to other states and bring their jobs with them.

In hopes of keeping his campaign promise to add 3.5 million new homes to California by 2025, Governor Newsom has given his conditional support to Senator Scott Weiner’s latest housing bill. Senator Weiner has introduced housing legislation twice in the last two years, failing each time. Newsom has said he will help the Senator this time. Because SB50 is a holdover from the last session, Weiner has till January to pass his bill.