Homelessness Roundup
by Nicole Yelich
Jul 09, 2019

The Rules Committee gave their unanimous support to a proposed ballot measure to create an oversight commission for the City’s Homelessness and Supportive Housing. If approved by the full Board, the measure would head to the November ballot.

Mayor Breed and homelessness chief Jeff Kositsky have expressed concerns that the extra level of oversight will slow things down, while Sup. Matt Haney points out that City commissions an “integral part of our city’s government because they are there to ensure that the job gets done.”

In other news, the state sets aside $5 million in funding for veterinarians to treat homeless pets, and the Chronicle and Curbed SF weigh in on the City’s 30 percent increase in homelessness, not the 17 percent originally reported from the point-in-time count conducted in January of this year.