SF Tourism Chief Sees Some Improvement in “Filthy” City
by Alexandra Cannarella
May 14, 2019

A year ago, President of SF Travel Joe D’Alessandro was quoted saying that “We’ve got such a glorious history, such a beautiful setting, and the fact is, we’re letting it slip away into this quality of life now that is not good for anybody. We’ve become complacent, and I think we’ve taken this as a kind of new normal, and it’s not. It’s wrong, and we have to do something about it.”

One year later, D’Alessandro has a better outlook: He thinks the city is slowly moving in a better direction. There are fewer dirty needles on the sidewalks. Car break-ins are down. Mayor London Breed is slowly opening more shelter beds and treatment slots, and pushing for more Navigation Centers. There are more cops walking the beat.

SF Travel is working to make our streets and sidewalks better for everybody. It hired uniformed, off-duty police officers who are paid privately to work the area around Moscone Center and last month, it contracted for a year with Downtown Streets Team, the nonprofit that puts homeless people to work cleaning the streets.