Dolores Park Neighbors Consider Taxing Themselves for Cleaner Streets
by Alexandra Cannarella
May 14, 2019

Fed up with the unevenness of the city’s attentiveness, a group of residents in Dolores Heights, Eureka Valley, the Castro and other nearby neighborhoods have spent more than a year organizing what could become San Francisco’s second GBD (green benefit district) — a zone in which property owners pay a special tax and hire private firms to provide services on top of the city’s.

Other neighbors, most notably the Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association, has come out against the GBD, because they say that the city should be providing those services without having to pay extra. If the GBD is successful, about 4,300 property owners would pay a special assessment every year to fund private services such as enhanced sidewalk cleaning, trash-removal, power-washing and landscape improvements.