New Report Shows City Health Inequities Along Racial Lines
by Nicole Yelich
May 11, 2019

A new report from the Department of Public Health that examined the City’s health inequities shows a relationship between residents’ life expectancy and race.  The Community Health Needs Assessment found that, “On average, Asians in San Francisco can expect to live the longest, 87 years. Black/African Americans and Pacific Islanders live 11-15 years less, however, with a life expectancy of only 72 to 76 years [respectively].”  White residents’ average life expectancy was 81.7, with the lowest life expectancy at 68 for African American men.

The report points to several risk factors that make individuals more vulnerable to health problems and higher mortality rates such as lower socioeconomic status, less access to health care resources and services, housing instability, and an unjust criminal justice system, among others.