Busy Days Ahead for BART....
by Nicole Yelich
Apr 12, 2019

At yesterday’s BART Board of Directors meeting, agency officials clashed over the best path forward to increasing public safety, as the agency’s General Manager Grace Crunican presented a preview of her proposed 2020 budget that included $2M for more police officers, and $500K for fare inspectors, but did not include the program proposed by BART Directors Bevan Dufty and Latifah Simon to put hire and train unarmed ‘ambassadors’ to boost (at least the perception of) rider safety.  The board has time to revisit the issue as the budget vote isn’t until June.

Also at the meeting and much to the surprise of her board, Crunican, a 32 year veteran of the transit industry when she came to BART in 2011 after a nationwide search, announced she will depart the agency on July 6th. The agency is now left to grapple with finding a new leader when it is also dealing with ongoing crimes and assaults on stations and trains, homelessness and drug use inside stations, how to effectively stop fare evasion, and declining ridership.