Don’t Stop Me Now...
by Owen Stephens
Feb 10, 2019

Supervisor Peskin and the SFMTA are at loggerheads over the relocation of layover parking spots for 32 daily SamTrans buses from under the Bay Bridge to a block of Drumm Street in the heart of the Embarcadero. The relocation is intended to give drivers more access to food and amenities, but at the cost of more than a dozen parking spaces in a high traffic part of the city.

If  the Raiders play their final Bay Area, City officials have let the GIants know they expect to be reimbursed for an estimated $317,000 per-game cost for police officers, fire fighters, extra MUNI services, and street cleaning after games. GIants appear willing to cover the cost, but that isn’t making the Mayor any less opposed to hosting the season.

While no one expects Governor Newsom to run for President in 2020, he isn’t taking any break from fundraising now that he is in office. Advisors and political consultants agree that he is never-the-less trying to build a national image, either to fight important issues that emerge or to run for higher office down the road.