YIMBYs Took Hit on Tuesday
by Nicole Yelich
Nov 09, 2018

The YIMBY movement which has gained momentum in recent years was dealt a blow on Tuesday when voters resoundingly rejected the pro-development group’s endorsed candidates in some of the most highly-contested races.  YIMBY-backed Sonja Trauss, Trevor McNeil, Theo Ellington, and Nick Josefowitz lost their bids in their respective supervisor races, as did school board hopeful Michelle Parker and Victor Oliveiri who ran for City College board.

This doesn’t mean the pro-development group is out of the game entirely but it does leave San Francisco’s YIMBY’s pondering their strategy for future elections.  The group did see some wins - Janice Li secured a seat on the BART Board, and Supervisor Rafael Mandelman was easily reelected in District 8, and Prop C.