Statewide Props Roundup
by Nicole Yelich
Nov 07, 2018

California voters decided to keep the gas tax and the state’s restrictions on rent control as contested Props 6 and 10 were soundly defeated.  Statewide measure rundown:

Prop 1: Housing for veterans and families - YES.

Prop 2: Housing for mentally ill homeless - YES.

Prop 3:  Water bond: likely NO.

Prop 4: Children’s hospital infrastructure upgrades - YES.

Prop 5: Property tax assessment transfer - NO.

Prop 6: Repeal of gas tax - NO.

Prop 7: Year-Round Daylight Savings - YES.

Prop 8: Cap on dialysis costs - NO.

Prop 10: Repeal of statewide rent control - NO.

Prop 11: Requiring paramedics to be on call during breaks - YES.

Prop 12: Regulations on confinement of farm animals - YES.