Supes Eye Changes to Rent Control
by Nicole Yelich
Nov 04, 2018

The Board of Supervisors are considering changes to the City’s rent control laws should Proposition 10 if passed on Tuesday.  The measure would effectively repeal Costa-Hawkins and end statewide restrictions on rent control, giving local jurisdictions the ability to set their own rent control regulations.  

Supervisor Hillary Ronen introduced legislation to prohibit landlords from raising the rent on a family member after the death of the unit’s “original tenant,” a practice allowed under Costa-Hawkins.  Supervisor Vallie Brown says ending that practice is her top priority if Prop 10 passes.  Supervisor Aaron Peskin wants to expand rent control to units built between 1979 and 1998, current law limits rent control to housing built before 1979.

The recent Public Policy Institute of California poll indicates the measure is trailing 48 to 36 percent among likely voters, and the measures opponents have raised three times more money than the proponents.