The Three Women Running to Change D10
by Nicole Yelich
Nov 04, 2018

Mission Local’s Nina Sparling provides in-depth profiles on the three women candidates running for Supervisor in District 10: Gloria Berry, Asale-Haquekyah Chandler, and Uzuri Pease-Greene.  None of the women are your “typical” candidate - they are running grassroots campaigns that prioritize boots-on-the-ground campaigning over fundraising.  They all are seeking to take politics out of City Hall and into the neighborhoods, and want to show their community that women of color can run for public office.

Gloria Berry served in the Navy, worked odd jobs, and fed her family on food stamps.  She wants to see more done on economic equity, education, homelessness, and housing.  She has raised only $435 that she spent on flyers that she hands on at Muni stops, neighborhood walks, and community forums.

This is Asale-Haquekyah Chandler’s second run for office.  Her son was killed by police on January 9, 2015 and she believes current leadership is not doing enough to combat gun violence, failing schools, homelessness, and the radioactive contamination at the Hunters Point Shipyard. 

Uzuri Pease-Greene is a community organizer and public housing resident who is running to make sure the people in her community can afford to live in San Francisco.  She former addict who used to live on the street - clean and sober for the past 10 years, she graduated from Emerge CA in 2017, a training program for women who want to run for office.