School Board Votes to Change Lowell Admission Policy
by Nicole Yelich
Oct 10, 2018

In response to recent claims that Lowell High School’s admission process favors non-minority students, the school board unanimously voted to allow all students who apply to Lowell from the Willie L. Brown Middle School, which has a predominantly African American student population, to be automatically admitted into the prestigious high school.

The move prompted criticism from Lowell alum who say the change would weaken the school’s elite reputation.  Co-chair of the Lowell alumni diversity and equity committee, Orpheus Crutchfield, said “We’re not just interested in getting underrepresented students into Lowell, we’re interested in getting underrepresented students graduated from Lowell.”

Cruchfield’s comments angered school board members who see the pushback as implying that non-white students would not succeed at the school.