Transbay Transit Center Opens to Buses With Trains to Come Later
by Brian Haagsman
Aug 09, 2018

On Saturday the Salesforce Transit Center, billed by city planners and officials as the “Grand Central Station” of the west, opens its doors to the public. It is tentatively expected to host high-speed rail and numerous, gleaming electrified Caltrain cars by 2028.

Until then, however, the new transit center will be among the most opulent bus terminals ever created, serving roughly 1,000 buses each weekday. The $4.185 billion transit center is a major transit hub the likes San Francisco has not seen for decades. The one million square-foot facility features a 5.4-acre rooftop park, public art throughout the six-floor facility, a shining skylight, shopping, dining and more. It was conceived as a terminator for ambitious high-speed rail service from Los Angeles to Northern California, but it will debut before that dream is realized.