Parody Site Beats Chamber of Commerce to Website on Homelessness Ballot Measure
by Brian Haagsman
Aug 09, 2018
This week someone purchased, in direct response to a campaign being launched by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce in opposition to the Our City, Our Home ballot measure. The measure, if passed, would tax corporations that make more than $50 million annually a half percent, more than doubling San Francisco’s budget for supportive housing and homelessness services.

Launching a campaign against the measure, Jim Lazarus, senior vice president of public policy for the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, voiced concern that companies would flee S.F. for cities with lower taxes, dragging middle-class workers with them. The Chamber of Commerce even established a coalition — which they christened Right Priority, Wrong Approach — to defeat the measure. But they didn’t purchase a domain name. So, someone else did, and made a pro-Our City, Our Home website at