We Told You So
by Nicole Yelich
May 16, 2018

M&R: Beginning in 2014, SFMTA contractor Con-Quest was told repeatedly that the type of steel they proposed did not comply with their contract, but they went ahead and used it anyway.

Gavin Newsom holds a 4-1 lead in the governor’s race among Bay Area voters, says a recent online poll conducted by the Bay Area Council of 1,000 voters throughout the nine Bay Area counties.  Newsom commands the lead with 31% of the vote, whereas opponents Delaine Eastin comes in at 5%, Antonio Villaraigosa, and John Chiang tie at 4%, and Amanda Renteria at less than 1%.

These numbers track with statewide polling that puts Newsom far ahead in the Dem pack, while Republicans vie for the second spot.