Up in Smoke: Dispensary Owners Claim Unfair Political Influence Led to Permit Rejection
by Carrie McFadden
Jan 12, 2018
The owners of The Apothecarium, a medical cannabis dispensary who sought to open a storefront in the Sunset last year before their permit was rejected, has claimed the reason for the rejection is due to the Supervisors being bankrolled by a competitor dispensary, Barbary Coast Collective. Although its permit was challenged in a similar fashion as The Apothecarium's, the Board of Supervisors rejected the challenge, permitting Barbary Coast to open. As a result, The Apothecarium is asking a Superior Court judge to intervene.

However, members of the Board of Supervisors reject that claim outright, pointing to San Francisco's relatively low contribution limits and the number of contributions they've received for their respective election or reelection campaigns.