Leno And Breed Lead In New Poll, Jackie Speier To Run for Governor?
by Nicole Yelich
Jan 03, 2018

The first poll of the mayor’s race has Mark Leno at 26%, with a slight lead over Acting Mayor London Breed at 20% of the 627 registered San Francisco voters surveyed.  Leno has declared his run, Breed has until the filing deadline on January 9th to officially throw her hat into the ring.

Meanwhile - and much to his amusement - 30% think Former Mayor Willie Brown is the right choice to serve as caretaker, should the Board decide not to go with a mayoral hopeful to fill the seat until the June 5th election. 

Rumors are beginning to swirl that Rep. Jackie Speier is considering jumping into the Governor’s race.  Her candidacy would give the candidates, particularly Gavin Newsom, a run for their campaign money.