Central Subway Costs Soar and Delays Continue
by Nicole Yelich
Dec 06, 2017

The Central Subway is tens of millions of dollars over budget and significantly behind schedule due to “infrastructure delays” pushing completion from the initial target date of December 2018 into Sprint 2021, per Tutor Perini Corp., the project’s main contractor.

The SFMTA believes their assessment of having trains up and running by December 2019 is right on track and currently has Tutor Perini on the hook for $50,000 per day in penalties if they miss that deadline.

A special review board has been established to review the company’s claims which include $112M in change orders, far exceeding the $79M the MTA budgeted for.  In addition, the company has accused the city of violating their contract for holding back $24M in payments, a practice the SFMTA says is standard in large projects to “assure the project is completed as designed.”

This isn’t the first time the City has thrown down with Tutor Perini - in 2002 over SFO’s renovations, which ran more than $300M over budget.