Prop 13 Gives Rich Presidio Homeowners Another Tax Gift
by Jen Longley
Dec 04, 2017
When the San Francisco Board of Supervisors rescinded the 2015 sale of a private Presidio street, they gave the wealthy homeowners another gift, courtesy of Prop 13- a $4.28 annual tax bill, which works out to about $0.12 a person.

The 1978 law restricts assessment and taxation of residential property, but resets when a property is sold. The tax bill for the (now former) new property owners was $1,054/year. 

Supervisor Mark Farrell, who represents the area and voted both to sell the property and rescind the sale, Matt Dorsey, a spokesman for the wealthy homeowners, and Shep Kopp, attorney for the couple who purchased the street, have choice words for each another in Monday's Matier and Ross.