SF Usual Suspects

Ranked Choice Voting

Professor Rich DeLeon has a study of how RCV works. Check it out here.

Barbary Coast Consulting has put together a powerpoint and spreadsheet that, when used together, walk you through a typical RCV scenario. Get the spreadsheet here and the PowerPoint here.

Here are some RCV resources generously provided by Steven Hill from the Center for Voting and Democracy. RCV Summary / RCV FAQs / RCV – Impact on District 5 Race / RCV Exhausted Ballots

A CVD Flash presentation of RCV can be found here. Please note that this presentation shows how to vote for three candidates in a three-candidate race. Once you’ve mastered this concept, please move on to the examples above which illustrate a more realistic demonstration of voting… since we all know that San Francisco contests are hardly ever limited to just three people!

And lastly, enterprising Suspects reader Dave Robinson has put together a website that provides more information about RCV and other ballot options. Check it out here.