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Political Mail – 06/03/08

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a place where you can find all of the season’s political mail in one (wonderfully amazing) location? Yeah…we did too. But, WE actually decided to do something about it. Yep, that’s right, folks. We’ve just taken the term “political junkies” to a whole new level. Now, you can get your fix of local political news, political organizations, voting trends, election history, AND political mailers all in one place. We figured that the tried and true political junkies might need a little something extra this time around.

Please remember that we’ve only posted what we have and our team has been working diligently over the past several weeks to gather the political mail that has been scattered from the Outer Richmond to Bayview-Hunters Point. With that said, please do not take offense to what is not here. Instead, if for some reason we’ve missed something, just go ahead and PDF the mailer and send it over. We welcome your input. Please send all submissions to Eddie Janowicz (office1@barcoast.com) and me.

Oh, before I forget, DO NOT try to use this resource as a medium for your political smear tactics. If it’s a legitimate mailer that was actually distributed by the United States Postal Service (and not a hit piece you made five minutes ago), we’ll gladly post it. Clemens and I will give all submissions the political sniff test and – if it stinks – we won’t hesitate to call you on it. Now that we’ve covered all of that, stay tuned…or you might miss our NEXT surprise.


Burnell E. Holland III



Proposition A
Yes on A – “A Special Relationship”

Yes on A – “We’ve Done A Lot To Help”
Yes on A – “Neglected Resource”

Proposition B
Yes on B – “Citizens United for Reform”
Yes on B – “Help Save San Francisco Health Care”
Yes on B – “In a Sea of Red Ink” (Paid for by Citizens United for Reform)
Yes on B – “Just the Tip of The Iceberg”

Proposition E
No on E – “Pet Projects”
No on E – “The Last Thing…”

Proposition E
Yes on F – paid for by the Bayview Committee for Affordable Housing

Proposition G

Yes on G – “A New Engine”

Yes on G – “Clean Up The Shipyard”
Yes on G – “Lifeline”
Yes on G – “Tenant Alert” (paid for by the Affordable Housing Alliance)
Yes on G / No on F – “No False Promises”
Yes on G / No on F – “No More Broken Promises”
Yes on G / No on F – “Pretty Penny”


US Congress – District 8
Shirley Golub for Congress – “Now We Have a Choice”

State Senate
Carole Migden for State Senate – “Common Sense Uncommon Loyalty”
Carole Migden for State Senate – “Creativity is Caring”
Carole Migden for State Senate – “Creativity is Disruptive”
Carole Migden for State Senate – “Creativity is Passionate”
Carole Migden for State Senate – “Creativity is Provocative

Carole Migden for State Senate – “Green Badge of Courage” (paid for by the Fair Public Policy Coalition)
Carole Migden for State Senate – “Thank You Carole” (paid for by the Fair Public Policy Coalition) Mark Leno for State Senate – “Care for Others
Mark Leno for State Senate – “The Best Choice for Change”
Mark Leno for State Senate – “Respect, Consensus Building, Collaboration”
Joe Nation for State Senate

Superior Court Judge
Gerardo Sandoval for Superior Court Judge – “When the Gavel Comes Down…”

Gerardo Sandoval for Superior Court Judge – “Three Great Reasons”
Thomas Mellon for Superior Court Judge


Campos, Chiu, Klipp, Spanjian, and Wiener for DCCC
David Chiu for DCCC – “A New Voice”
Darolyn Davis for DCCC
Darolyn Davis for DCCC – “A New Voice for Leadership and Service
Katz, Wiener, and Thier for DCCC
Laura Spanjian for DCCC
Linda Richardson for DCCC
Luke Klipp for DCCC – “New Leadership
Scott Wiener for DCCC – “Proven Leadership”

Bill Campbell for RCCC
Campbell, Vallete, Vaillancourt, Farenzena for RCCC (paid for by Campbell for Central Committee)
Woods, Kriesel, Rexing, and Dennis for RCCC (paid for by the San Francisco Republican Assembly)

Affordable Housing Alliance Slate Card
Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club Slate Card
Plan C Slate Card
San Francisco Democratic Party Slate Card
San Francisco Pride at Work Slate Card
San Francisco Young Democrats Slate Card
San Francisco Women’s Political Committee Slate Card
Sierra Club Slate Card – 12th Assembly District
Sierra Club Slate Card – 13th Assembly District
“Voter Information Guide” Slate Card