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Our Editors

Alex Clemens
Alex misses the late 1990s, when he’d update Suspects with the aid of a Commodore 64 and plenty of espresso.  (Nowadays, he uses his iPad 7 and intravenous Ensure.)

Jesse Feldman
Always a little bit too happy and slightly snarky, Jesse loves to share his amusement with the City by the Bay. When he isn’t waxing poetic about San Francisco, you can find Jesse spotting up for jumpers at Dolores Park, waiting outside Yoshi’s to see Del the Funky Homosapien, or taking pictures of his lunch.

Ross Guehring
Born and raised in the mean streets of Marin County, Ross appreciates the unique political landscape of the Bay Area. When he’s not helping his clients achieve their goals, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and occasionally searching for his lost golf ball at a local course.

Katie Kincaid
A messaging maven, Katie has created communications strategies for major real estate developers, candidates for public office, elected officials, and policy initiatives. As a New York City transplant, Katie talks, moves, and acts like every day is the eve of an election.

Jaime Rossi
Like many former 4th grade teachers, Jaime has a keen understanding of San Francisco politics. An avid squash player, he also enjoys reading, traveling, and singing karaoke.

Alexis Smith
Alexis is a native of the Bay Area and holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. Her interest in San Francisco politics is second only to her passion for Hollywood gossip (okay, being a mom to daughters Storey and Sibley ranks high on the list as well). In the infrequent instance that Alexis finds herself with some free time, she enjoys trolling local flea markets and watching the UFC.