SF Usual Suspects

C.W. Nevius

Mr. Chuck Nevius brings us his observations on all things Bay Area twice weekly in the Chron – and those of us who run Suspects look forward to his witty columns, compiled here for your easy reference. Thanks for 20 great years of reporting, C-Dub!

July 31, 2012: Paint not answer for recurrent graffiti
July 28, 2012: When the homeless may not be harmless
July 26, 2012: 1 dissenting voice holds up park upgrade
July 24, 2012: SF tourist 1 stop-shop on Powell St.
July 21, 2012: Progressives struggle to find wedge issue
July 19, 2012: Olague struggles to find her bearings
July 17, 2012: Cash for cabs; credit cards still refused
July 14, 2012: Tiny condos not for the small-minded
July 12, 2012: So long Affable Ed – mayor shows tougher side
July 10, 2012: A mega-Walgreens is headed for lower Powell Street
July 7, 2012: Infinite democracy in SF brings projects to a halt
July 5, 2012: HANC finally at the end of the line – isn’t it?
July 3, 2012: SoMa becoming free-trade zone for pot dispensaries
June 30, 2012: SF police get new crime-fighting tools: computers
June 28, 2012: Stop and frisk parolees, not random people
June 26, 2012: Mission District rape report spurs fear, confusion
June 23, 2012: Strava’s KOM awards blamed for reckless bicycling
June 21, 2012: A peep show landmark? Lusty Ladies hope so
June 19, 2012: Bayview gets needed police reinforcements
June 16, 2012: Rent control sometimes benefiting the rich
June 14, 2012: Supervisors’ TIC proposal faces opposition
June 12, 2012: Celebrity status follows couple home to Kansas
June 9, 2012: Ross Mirkarimi’s protests an exercise in futility
June 6, 2012: Replica builder sees Golden Gate Bridge for real
June 5, 2012: Bridge-building couple isn’t in Kansas anymore
June 2, 2012: Kansas man’s dream to see Golden Gate comes true
May 31, 2012: Public safety becomes a budget priority
May 26, 2012: Celebrating the other Golden Gate Bridge
May 19, 2012: New book reminds us of ‘angry, rebellious’ Ed Lee
May 17, 2012: USS Harvey Milk would be a fitting tribute
May 15, 2012: Park Dept. plan to remove trees irks neighbors
May 12, 2012: Beach Chalet’s synthetic turf wars hit new low
May 10, 2012: Lusty Lady needs investment bigger than 1s and 5s
May 8, 2012: Grand Princess cruise ship to be based in S.F.
May 5, 2012: Occupy Bernal succeeds in stalling foreclosures
May 3, 2012: Law hampers dreams of boosting bay’s cruise ships
May 1, 2012: Haight Street going to pot over menacing dealers
April 28, 2012: Supervisors races could produce some surprises
April 26, 2012: It’s time for students to stand up to bullies
April 24, 2012: Union protests rattle CPMC community
April 21, 2012: Time for Ethics Commission to prove its relevance
April 19, 2012: Free Muni for youth sets a bad precedent
April 17, 2012: Wireless carriers finally step up to stop thefts
April 14, 2012: Aggressive cyclists must be stopped, not educated
April 12, 2012: Bayview supper club provides a bit of inspiration
April 10, 2012: Aggressive coyote gives scare in Golden Gate Park
April 7, 2012: Supes’ campaign finance revision smells fishy
April 5, 2012: Dear Muni: Don’t ask drivers to balance budget
April 3, 2012: BART station’s musician squeezes out tunes, smiles
March 31, 2012: Wife’s anger in Ross Mirkarimi case is misdirected
March 29, 2012: Adopting a corner a simple way to keep street safer
March 27, 2012: Bike Hut coasts on good intentions, great bargains
March 22, 2012: Ross Mirkarimi can’t flee freight train of evidence
March 20, 2012: Ross Mirkarimi saga about to be magnified
March 17, 2012: Gold Dust Lounge: Your lease is up
March 15, 2012: What’s the point in removing lame-duck Mirkarimi?
March 13, 2012: Holiday lights dimmed by permit regulations
March 10, 2012: Larry the shoeshine guy falls on hard times again
March 8, 2012: Ross Mirkarimi soap opera could have been avoided
March 6, 2012: AT&T Park’s home advantage for special events
March 3, 2012: Board of Supervisors blew America’s Cup deal
Feb. 28, 2012: San Franciscans found to be coming out of doldrums
Feb. 25, 2012: The wiggle – crash course for bikes, pedestrians?
Feb. 23, 2012: Flap over rainbow flag in the Castro
Feb. 21, 2012: Police captain hits bumpy patch over the Wiggle
Feb. 18, 2012: Ranked-choice voting – does anyone care?
Feb. 16, 2012: Safeway tries to enforce service animal rule
Feb. 14, 2012: Mid-Market’s booster files for bankruptcy
Feb. 11, 2012: Bevan Dufty’s ‘wet house’ idea worth a try
Feb. 9, 2012: America’s Cup negotiators may push their luck
Feb. 7, 2012: Job insecurity after confrontation with Muni cops
Feb. 4, 2012: New Mid-Market businesses boost foot traffic
Feb. 2, 2012: St. Anthony’s ready for a $15 million renovation
Jan. 31, 2012: Old YMCA a new home for S.F. chronically homeless
Jan. 28, 2012: Time for Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to make a deal
Jan. 26, 2012: It’s time for SF to say goodbye to the 49ers
Jan. 24, 2012: Cell phone, iPad thefts continue to rise
Jan. 21, 2012:  New York Giants fans, please take note
Jan. 17, 2012: Better to ignore abortion protesters than join them
Jan. 14, 2012: S.F. sheriff has few options till charges resolved
Jan. 12, 2012: Mirkarimi mishandles reaction to investigation
Jan. 10, 2012: New supervisor Olague has ties to moderates, left
Jan. 7, 2012: George Gascon – From high school dropout to DA
Jan. 5, 2012: Lee takes his time selecting new supervisor
Dec. 22, 2011: SF Muni police cracking down on fare cheats
Dec. 20, 2011: African American Art & Culture Complex thriving
Dec. 17, 2011: America’s Cup foes don’t have much support
Dec. 15, 2011: S.F. vote on report big hurdle for America’s Cup
Dec. 13, 2011: Warriors for 49ers would be a trade worth backing
Dec. 10, 2011: It’s time to raise a stink over public toilets
Dec. 8, 2011: Occupy SF a glimpse into Ed Lee’s administration
Dec. 6, 2011: Sharp Park vote was a good behind-the-scenes show
Dec. 1, 2011: SF smart phone muggings on the rise
Nov. 29, 2011: Mayor Ed Lee’s Occupy SF handling well played
Nov. 26, 2011: 7 places to see the views from San Francisco
Nov. 19, 2011: Occupy SF in danger of losing ground
Nov. 15, 2011: Bayview officers’ constant quest against killings
Nov. 12, 2011: Ed Lee’s idea of a vacation is back to work
Nov. 10, 2011: San Francisco’s election winners and losers
Nov. 8, 2011: San Francisco election results could come quickly
Nov. 6, 2011: Sunnydale residents share stories of violence, loss
Nov. 1, 2011: 50 Golden Gate Ave. at 100, a Tenderloin community
Oct. 29, 2011: Occupy SF: How candidates would handle encampment
Oct. 28, 2011: Ed Lee needs to lead in dealing with Occupy SF
Oct. 27, 2011: Sheriff’s race a test for ranked-choice voting
Oct. 25, 2011: Time for police to move in on Occupy SF protesters
Oct. 20, 2011: San Francisco a role model for handling Occupy camps
Oct. 18, 2011: Great Highway address dispute is nearly settled
Oct. 15, 2011: Ed Lee can get by with less ‘help’ from ‘friends’
Oct. 13, 2011: 49ers make changes to help improve safety for fans
Oct. 11, 2011: Wide mix puts the shine on Occupy Wall Street
Oct. 8, 2011: Lower Haight pulls together after apartment fire
Oct. 6, 2011: The best solution to do nothing
Oct. 4, 2011: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival: tow zone blues
Oct. 1, 2011: Time for an education campaign on panhandlers
Sept. 29, 2011: Free concert could become a victim of its success
Sept. 27, 2011: ‘Chicken’ John Rinaldi wrote the book on satire
Sept. 24, 2011: A plan to foil city’s infuriating scam: towed cars
Sept. 22, 2011: Free Muni for youths? Good idea needs more thought
Sept. 20, 2011: Lee’s one-time loudest critic is now a volunteer
Sept. 17, 2011: Female firefighters save a life, show they belong
Sept. 15, 2011: BART and protesters could use a few pointers
Sept. 13, 2011: Longtime vendor says goodbye to SF’s Stow Lake
Sept. 10, 2011: A dip in the bay, a real San Francisco treat
Sept. 8, 2011: Proposed rules should address problem of nudity
Aug. 27, 2011: Tonight’s game is a test for 49ers fans, owners
Aug. 25, 2011: BART protests: Patrons, police losing patience
Aug. 23, 2011: Obeying order to remove tree results in fine
Aug. 20, 2011: Coyotes in city to stay, so protect pets and food
Aug. 18, 2011: S.F is about to get schooled in public financing
Aug. 16, 2011: S.F. mayor’s race is finally getting colorful
Aug. 13, 2011: Fighting crime at night, weekends a novel idea
Aug. 11, 2011: Ed Lee must address tough issues, not air horns
Aug. 9, 2011: Tone at City Hall may have changed with candidate Ed Lee
Aug. 6, 2011: Boss of the Road sign remnant of early jeans war
Aug. 4, 2011: Foes of new North Beach Library – enough already!
Aug. 2, 2011: Taxi camera, driver hailed for helping make arrest
July 30, 2011: Ed Lee campaign would shake up mayor’s race
July 28, 2011: Bicycling the Wiggle in S.F. points way to future
July 26, 2011: Fisherman’s Wharf: Parking lot poser nabbed
July 23, 2011: Ed Lee – No good reasons he shouldn’t run for mayor
July 21, 2011: Voice of reason silenced in Bayview shooting protests
July 19, 2011: Guard cracks down on hand-holding at Stein exhibit
July 14, 2011: SF’s troubled Turk Street: City throws in towel
July 12, 2011: S.F. sheriff’s race could get heated
July 9, 2011: S.F. mayor candidates whiff on Care Not Cash issue
July 7, 2011: Expensive rents leave Haight lying low
July 5, 2011: Contest just the ticket for drivers dreading fines
June 30, 2011: Detours on path to police substation on 6th Street
June 28, 2011: Dogs deemed vicious must be evaluated, police say
June 23, 2011: S.F. police brass in way of 6th Street substation
June 18, 2011: Sixth Street, 2 troubled blocks city can’t fix
June 14, 2011: America’s Cup promoters put wind in Ed Lee’s sails
June 11, 2011: Muni’s broken, but it’s not beyond repair
June 9, 2011: SF neighborhood courts need more cases
June 7, 2011: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman loses car case
June 4, 2011: A chance to fix S.F.’s potholes, keep them fixed
June 2, 2011: Hold it: school bathroom breaks without teacher OK
May 31, 2011: We interrupt our regularly scheduled kvetching …
May 28, 2011: Sit/lie critics now ho-humming a different tune
May 25, 2011: Tree along Hetch Hetchy pipe route spared for now
May 24, 2011: Ingleside Presbyterian pays debt with memorial
May 21, 2011: Independence myth leaves many seniors lonely
May 19, 2011: Stow Lake boathouse ruling makes sense
May 17, 2011: 6th Street proves tough for owner of Passion Cafe
May 5, 2011: Telegraph Hill Dwellers face strong opposition
May 3, 2011: Carpet comes up, and so does neighbor’s leather sex
May 2, 2011: Rescued from tangle of Medi-Cal red tape
April 30, 2011: D.A. ready to test neighborhood courts
April 28, 2011: Greg Suhr, SF police chief, learns from experience
April 26, 2011: Anna Banana Hardeman: Energizer bunny of Sunset
April 23, 2011: Woman caught in state health care bureaucratic fog
April 19, 2011: Muni N-Judah love train chugs along
April 16, 2011: Developer Peter Iskander’s tactics against tenants
April 14, 2011: Homeless performers get a chance to shine
April 7, 2011: SF community courts – good idea that hasn’t worked
April 5, 2011: Squat and Gobble’s ‘parklet’ comes with a catch
March 31, 2011: Parkmerced fate could be game-changer for families
March 29, 2011: Yes, S.F. officials do help the homeless
March 26, 2011: Finally, policy to target chronic alcohol abusers
March 24, 2011: Twitter would move Tenderloin forward
March 22, 2011: S.F. Little Bird Coffeehouse dispute gets settled
March 17, 2011: Lee should pass on picking S.F. police chief
March 15, 2011: Why SF police chief selection probably won’t wait
March 10, 2011: S.F. ranked-choice mess looms for mayor’s race
March 5, 2011: Activist files flurry of complaints on Little Bird
March 3, 2011: Medical marijuana: S.F. must rethink rules
March 1, 2011: Unhappy SF police captains denied chief interviews
Feb. 26, 2011: Haight recycling center: End of line for nuisance
Feb. 24, 2011: No wonder Tenderloin needs public toilets
Feb. 22, 2011: Police Taser debate to resume in S.F.
Feb. 19, 2011: Budget toll on SFPD could top 500 officers
Feb. 17, 2011: Supermarket signals a new day in the Haight
Feb. 15, 2011: Just call ‘em cops without borders
Feb. 12, 2011: Competition for S.F.’s garbage a good thing
Feb. 10, 2011: The naked truth about nudity in the Castro
Feb. 8, 2011: 5th Street Bay Bridge ramps get needed makeover
Feb. 5, 2011: Mayor Ed Lee tackles city budget as a priority
Feb. 3, 2011: Discretionary review: SF should raise standard
Feb. 1, 2011: Nude guys irk some in Castro, but not tourists
Jan. 29, 2011: Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights ends program
Jan. 25, 2011: Tip Top Market liquor proposal may be dead
Jan. 22, 2011: ‘Wife Swap’ antics tough to live down
Jan. 20, 2011: Ed Lee to face S.F. supervisors for question time
Jan. 18, 2011: Dog owners say off-leash limits too tough
Jan. 15, 2011: Campos acknowledges that progressives have faded
Jan. 13, 2011: S.F. milks drivers with pricey parking tickets
Jan. 10, 2011: George Gascón pick as SF D.A. a stroke of genius
Jan. 8, 2011: David Chiu swaps career for brief political peace
Jan. 6, 2011: SF Supervisor Chris Daly evolves into caricature
Jan. 4, 2011: 2011 San Francisco political forecast
Dec. 30, 2010: Mayor Gavin Newsom: Big ideas, couple little flaws
Dec. 22, 2010: S.F. repeat offenders, citations target of plan
Dec. 18, 2010: Mission Street hotel’s plans sidestep growth wars
Dec. 16, 2010: It’s Larry Ellison’s turn to make Cup bid sail
Dec. 14, 2010: Staying the course on America’s Cup bid is wise
Dec. 11, 2010: Graying of givers bad news for big charities
Dec. 9, 2010: Larry Moore, shoe shine man, faces tough surgery
Dec. 7, 2010: Prop. L: Precinct data contradict sit/lie opponents
Dec. 4, 2010: America’s Cup risk well worth taking
Dec. 2, 2010: Haight recycling a fight for soul of S.F.? Nah
Nov. 30, 2010: Ex-lawyer accused in suit of preying on immigrants
Nov. 27, 2010: Malia Cohen, ranked-choice winner, in crucial spot
Nov. 23, 2010: S.F. Central Subway work 10,000 years and counting
Nov. 20, 2010: Prop. B: Adachi may yet get pension reform action
Nov. 18, 2010: San Francisco’s far left gets ballot box beating
Nov. 16, 2010: Fort Mason garden club helps out homeless gardener
Nov. 13, 2010: Many scenarios for replacing Mayor Gavin Newsom
Nov. 11, 2010: Ranked choice a rank choice for elections
Nov. 9, 2010: Homeless woman tends garden by S.F. freeway ramp
Nov. 6, 2010: Sit/lie opponents must stand up for voters’ wishes
Nov. 4, 2010: Magowan: Giants’ win erases near misses, naysayers
Oct. 30, 2010: World Series wins over fans for city’s charms
Oct. 23, 2010: If Newsom wins, S.F. supervisors face quandary
Oct. 19, 2010: Sunset District harassment suspect behind bars
Oct. 16, 2010: Happy ending for blighted Hugo Hotel
Oct. 14, 2010: New effort to help S.F.’s chronically homeless
Oct. 12, 2010: She finds it’s not easy to get rid of harasser
Oct. 9, 2010: Jane Harner takes state candidates at face value
Oct. 7, 2010: Voters shouldn’t take Prop. M sitting down
Oct. 2, 2010: Answers may be written on politicians’ face
Sept. 30, 2010: S.F. working on new plan for sidewalk scofflaws
Sept. 28, 2010: Politics, bias spill into S.F. judicial race
Sept. 25, 2010: Don’t let America’s Cup plans bog down
Sept. 23, 2010: Sixth Street crime up; new businesses struggle
Sept. 21, 2010: Bay to Breakers gets head start, but odds poor
Sept. 18, 2010: Big chill thaws over a drink with Chris Daly
Sept. 16, 2010: Chris Daly vital in brokering CityPlace deal
Sept. 14, 2010: The absolutely final last day at Ike’s
Sept. 9, 2010: Tough to defend saving old North Beach library
Sept. 7, 2010: Controversy despite Pet Food Express’ roots
Sept. 4, 2010: Coit Tower attacks a catalyst for park crackdown
Sept. 2, 2010: HANC Recycling Center an idea whose time has gone
Aug. 26, 2010: Politics on the San Francisco Superior Court
Aug. 24, 2010: Ike’s hotter than ever as likely eviction nears
Aug. 21, 2010: Extreme volunteering not the answer for schools
Aug. 19, 2010: Parents struggle for choices in S.F. schools
Aug. 17, 2010: Court hearing over Ike’s sandwich shop delayed
Aug. 14, 2010: Economy takes toll on Pine Lake Day Camp
Aug. 10, 2010: Looming shutdown extends line at sandwich spot
Aug. 7, 2010: Homeless dying on streets, don’t want help
Aug. 5, 2010: Prop. 8 debate is not over yet
July 31, 2010: Katz, supes need to give Laura’s Law a chance
July 29, 2010: Community Justice Center controversy forgotten
July 27, 2010: S.F. Half Marathon trips up a few runners
July 24, 2010: Volunteer army could reclaim Golden Gate Park
July 22, 2010: Time to get behind San Francisco Marathon
July 20, 2010: Laura’s Law faces battle with supervisors
July 17, 2010: Mayor takes low road – supervisors even lower
July 15, 2010: Winners, losers in supes’ Hunters Point vote
July 13, 2010: Make or break time for shipyard project
July 10, 2010: Adachi makes enemies, sense with labor proposal
July 1, 2010: Supervisor’s fee on alcohol a terrific idea
June 29, 2010: Tenderloin a revolving door for police captains
June 26, 2010: By speaking out, mentally ill open doors, minds
June 24, 2010: S.F. saturated with services – some have to go
June 22, 2010: Taking on Muni union puts Elsbernd at the wheel
June 15, 2010: S.F. going head over heels for World Cup
June 12, 2010: Marina post-foster housing idea is worthy cause
June 10, 2010: Fight brews with bogeymen of North Beach
June 5, 2010: S.F. supes to decide on mental health law
June 3, 2010: Hot S.F. ballot contest: Dem County Committee
June 1, 2010: A return to city life after 20 suburban years
May 29, 2010: Chris Daly’s Progressive Primary foundering
May 20, 2010: Bay to Breakers spoilsports need to step aside
May 18, 2010: Bay to Breakers ‘pirates’ run wild at Panhandle
May 15, 2010: Sitting/lying not problem – it’s punks/dogs
May 13, 2010: Too much of a good thing roils Castro neighbors
May 6, 2010: Masonic Center spat far from over
May 4, 2010: Neighbors’ quick moves save attacked dog’s life
May 2, 2010: Dirty secret of black-on-Asian violence is out
April 29, 2010: Asian American attacks focus at City Hall
April 27, 2010: Neighbors’ suit pumps up volume over Masonic
April 24, 2010: Get ready to fight for S.F.’s political soul
April 22, 2010: Peskin isn’t only reason condo project failed
April 20, 2010: Commission to decide if 555 Washington will fly
April 11, 2010: AT&T Park at 10: A home run of an urban concept
April 6, 2010: Bernal Heights Library mural compromise
April 3, 2010: S.F.’s Entertainment Commission toothless
April 1, 2010: Development, diplomacy find a home in high-rise
March 27, 2010: Chief learns hard lesson in S.F. etiquette
March 25, 2010: This time, Warriors’ return to S.F. has a shot
March 23, 2010: A Bernal Heights mural flap of many layers
March 20, 2010: Increase pedestrian safety, decrease deficit
March 18, 2010: Entertainment Commission’s party over
March 16, 2010: Petition drive seeks to shut down Suede club
March 13, 2010: Supervisor Chris Daly moves to pick successor
March 11, 2010: Going got tough, Newsom got outta here
March 6, 2010: George Gascon opponents picking risky fight
March 4, 2010: Sit/lie law won’t trip up tourists
March 2, 2010: Foes fume, but 71% back sit/lie law in poll
Feb. 27, 2010: Walk on Haight converts Newsom to sit/lie
Feb. 25, 2010: Outrage grows over Muni operators’ pay
Feb. 23, 2010: If Newsom leaves, expect districts shakeup
Feb. 20, 2010: Chronic crooks find holes in justice system
Feb. 18, 2010: S.F. mayor looks like he’s ready to run
Feb. 16, 2010: Tenderloin school gets new neighbor: sex club
Feb. 13, 2010: Tower new front line in fight for S.F.’s future
Feb. 11, 2010: Entertainment Commission a total failure
Feb. 6, 2010: Gavin Newsom still mulling run for state office
Feb. 4, 2010: District elections should hit hybrid highway
Jan. 30, 2010: Ferry Building foodies fear bottom-line reality
Jan. 28, 2010: Supe fires new volley in S.F. bag wars
Jan. 23, 2010: Suit over 2 junker cars has cost city $71,320
Jan. 21, 2010: Why not publish photos of johns? It’s S.F.
Jan. 16, 2010: Haight’s up in arms over street thugs
Jan. 14, 2010: State of the Mayor is fine indeed
Jan. 12, 2010: Response at squatter-plagued building stinks
Jan. 9, 2010: Bold solution to S.F. graffiti problem
Jan. 7, 2010: S.F. cops’ show-and-tell a real drama
Jan. 5, 2010: Police chief won’t take criticism lying down
Jan. 2, 2010: S.F. getting its fill of ‘service animals’
Dec. 31, 2009: Stow Lake boathouse needs upgrade to stay afloat
Dec. 29, 2009: Where did the city’s ever-present sea lions go?
Dec. 26, 2009: 7 simple pleasures – check ‘em out
Dec. 24, 2009: Looks like the Haight’s getting cleaned up
Dec. 19, 2009: Time to get tough on toughs in the Haight
Dec. 12, 2009: Supe’s push on sanctuary law could backfire
Dec. 5, 2009: Cost of S.F. mayor’s security not just dollars
Dec. 3, 2009: Asian Neighborhood Design slowly slipping away
Dec. 1, 2009: Worries over 2 Tenderloin stabbings
Nov. 21, 2009: Odd duck taking pet flyers presses luck in S.F.
Nov. 19, 2009: Mayor Newsom: Stop pouting and lead
Nov. 14, 2009: Suggestions for cleaning up Golden Gate Park
Nov. 12, 2009: S.F. efforts can’t keep some homeless from parks
Nov. 10, 2009: Car theft victim socked with fees
Nov. 7, 2009: Theresa Sparks running for S.F. supervisor
Nov. 5, 2009: Sharp Park as golf course is best for everyone
Nov. 3, 2009: Colleagues say Newsom could use a wake-up call
Oct. 31, 2009: Not impounding immigrants’ cars just makes sense
Oct. 29, 2009: Debate rages over pet store chain in Marina
Oct. 24, 2009: Unruly guest pops in on stars’ benefit
Oct. 22, 2009: Naysayers try to torpedo plan to fix Mid-Market
Oct. 10, 2009: Presidents Cup shows off S.F. as world-class
Oct 8, 2009: Harding Park’s finances show S.F.’s struggles
Oct. 3, 2009: SoMa gentrification – model for new S.F.
Oct. 1, 2009: Presidio plans to put the brakes on traffic
Sept. 29, 2009: Police better off using private video cameras
Sept. 26, 2009: Pot advocates think legalization is nearer
Sept. 12, 2009: Backlash against sex club in Tenderloin
Sept. 5, 2009: S.F. police chief’s first target: Tenderloin
Sept. 3, 2009: Plan to deal with chronic drunks is flawed
Aug. 29, 2009: Public defender is no friend to justice center
Aug. 22, 2009: Chronic drunks’ treatment costs S.F. big bucks
Aug. 20, 2009: Undocumented drug offenders should be reported
Aug. 18, 2009: The tussle over a North Beach triangle of turf
Aug. 15, 2009: Some advice as SFPD chief makes changes
Aug. 13, 2009: Why enforcement of rowdy S.F. clubs is lax
Aug. 11, 2009: S.F.’s new top cop runs up against politics
Aug. 6, 2009: A bike-friendly S.F.? Don’t hold your breath
Aug. 4, 2009: Parking lot noise: police problem or store’s
Aug. 1, 2009: Off-track betting tries to tiptoe into S.F.
July 30, 2009: Mayor’s wife is ready for the larger stage
July 24, 2009: Daly sends his family out of S.F.
July 21, 2009: Questionable homeless group shuts its doors
July 18, 2009: A better plan needed for 4-year-old panhandler
July 17, 2009: Why S.F. needs the 49ers
July 14, 2009: Nowadays, they’re fighting to get onto the Rock
July 11, 2009: How’s Newsom’s S.F. farm idea supposed to work?
July 7, 2009: Presidio’s Disney museum moving forward
July 4, 2009: Only S.F. would snub gift of world-class museum
July 2, 2009: Head shop moratorium a head-scratcher
June 30, 2009: Lindy in the Park shut down; biking burglar too
June 27, 2009: Time to take a hard look at funding nonprofits
June 25, 2009: Must get S.F. sanctuary policy back on track
June 20, 2009: Can we take the politics out of S.F. budget?
June 18, 2009: Hard to find good workers in S.F.
June 16, 2009: Farmers’ market controversy settled – for now
June 6, 2009: S.F.’s game plan on 49ers is wrong approach
June 5, 2009: Shoeshine man catches a break – and some cash
June 4, 2009: Bureaucrat scuffs dream of homeless shoe shiner
June 2, 2009: San Francisco sure is square on windows
May 30, 2009: Personal touch will change minds on marriage
May 28, 2009: Plan would residents in Care Not Cash housing
May 26, 2009: Prop. 8 decision could leave couples in limbo
May 23, 2009: Making sense out of Market Street
May 21, 2009: Supes fail to take action as shootouts continue
May 12, 2009: Neighbors stop Power Exchange sex club
May 9, 2009: S.F. is fed up, and loitering law passes easily
May 5, 2009: Tension between labor, left over historic sites
April 30, 2009: ‘Historic preservation’ plan won’t save S.F.
April 28, 2009: S.F.’s classic Bus Stop bar is up for sale
April 25, 2009: Tenderloin outrage over liquor license
April 23, 2009: Labor gives supes a lesson in S.F. politics
April 11, 2009: Political favor paid off for family
April 9, 2009: S.F. Justice Center – not all are on board
April 7, 2009: A horrible accident at the right time and place
April 2, 2009: Winnowing of 7,093 S.F. nonprofits needed?
March 31, 2009: Change is months away for Muni change machines
March 28, 2009: Graffiti judged low priority in S.F.
March 26, 2009: S.F. has tough time prosecuting graffiti cases
March 19, 2009: Has it come to jail time to wipe out graffiti?
March 12, 2009: Cumbersome process to close a rowdy nightclub
March 5, 2009: Tonga Room: Thanks for the memories
Feb. 24, 2009: Postal Service slights Tenderloin SRO dwellers
Feb. 19, 2009: S.F. to compromise on Bay to Breakers edict
Feb. 14, 2009: B2B organizers overreact to irresponsible bozos
Feb. 12, 2009: Eye care – needed by homeless and vets
Feb. 7, 2009: Mission residents reject American Apparel
Feb. 5, 2009: S.F.’s Metro theater: Tired preservation tale
Jan. 31, 2009: Public defender’s push to boost staff irks supe
Jan. 29, 2009: 5 keys in S.F.’s search for new top cop
Jan. 27, 2009: S.F. readies Tenderloin ‘drug-free zones’
Jan. 24, 2009: Anti-abortion pony show today – hold the jeers
Jan. 20, 2009: On San Francisco
Jan. 17, 2009: Gum is a sticky issue in the Richmond District
Jan. 10, 2009: David Chiu, fix our budget
Jan. 6, 2009: City finds funds for money-saving program
Dec. 20, 2008: S.F. blames out-of-towners for endless homeless problem
Dec. 18, 2008: Renters’ eviction notices often illegal in S.F.
Dec. 16, 2008: More people on S.F. streets newly homeless