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Usual Suspects – FAQ

1) You guys covered four stories on this topic last week, but I only see one story today.  What happened?
Don’t worry. You still have unlimited access to all of the previous links we’ve covered on any given story. To access these older links, just click on the headline of the story block and you will be directed to a page that includes all the articles that are relevant to the topic.

2) What’s up with this subscribe feature? Are you trying to stalk me?
No, we are not trying to stalk you (as if!). Instead of sending us an email to be included on all of our updates (e.g. breaking news alerts, elections reports, and weekly updates), users can now customize how often they wish to hear from us with our subscription form. You also have the ability to sign up for our newly introduced RSS feature. C’mon, don’t be shy, it only takes about 20 seconds to fill out the form (and yes, I’ve actually timed it).

3) So I subscribed to your RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed, now what?
Once you have finished filling out the SF Usual Suspects subscription form, you will be taken to a separate page displaying our RSS Feed. To finalize the RSS subscription and attach a link of the feed to your browser, please click the “Subscribe Now” button. Once you click “Subscribe Now,” you’ll have unfettered access to the latest local political news – readily accessible from your web browser and/or your mobile phone.

4) I’ve noticed an error on your site. Who should I contact to make sure that it is addressed?
As with any site, there is a good chance that you may encounter a few bugs or hiccups during your initial experience. We are confident that these will be extremely rare occurrences; however, if you notice something that needs to be fixed, please email me and I’ll be sure to take care of it for you.