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Suspects: Honey I Shrunk The Kids Dad says We’re Almost There

Rick-MoranisFolks: you’ve probably noticed that Suspects is suffering from some technical difficulties these days. However, we have hired wonderful gremlins to build a new website for us, rather than to (once again) add band-aids to a site that is nineteen years old. (Which, in Internet years, means that it’s dead.) Good news: the new site is underway, and will be up and running soon. Bad news: you may notice some technical glitches between now and when we’re done. Best news: you don’t have to type in “http://29748.10826.compuserve.com” like you had to back in ’95 to get to Suspects. (Those of you under the age of 30, ask an old person about How The Internet Used To Be, and prepare to listen to some associated jokes about eight-track tapes.) Thanks for bearing with us. Womp womp.