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Pardon the typos…

…but Suspects is being updated from Gate 42 in Terminal 8 of JFK International this morning, as I blearily look at the past 24 hours of travel from Chennai, India, through Dubai, to NYC.  And what’s left?  Another six and a half hours until I get to SFO.  Lessons learned today?  One, India is fascinating.  Go check it out.  Two, Emirates has equipped their planes with a couple videocameras that let you see what the pilot is seeing and what’s directly below the planes – fly ‘em.  They’re great.  And three, if you aren’t sufficiently fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in an Indian engagement ceremony, try at least to attend one.  It was hours of fun and food and entertainment and celebration (and in my case, the opportunity to meet several hundred new family members).  Thothrum (that means thank you), David and Rajaratnam families!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009